Emotional and Behavioural Therapy

Behaviour assessment and therapy is for children experiencing high-level emotional and behavioural problems. A comprehensive assessment provides an analysis of a child’s behaviour and emotional well-being. The results of the analysis inform the development and implementation of an individualised support and therapeutic plan. This process has been designed for use with children who engage in problematic behaviours or who are experiencing emotional challenges from as young as 3 months up to 17 years of age.
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Life Journey Work Training for Social Workers & Professionals

Life Journey Work - PPF Model three day training equips delegates to deliver a ten session programme of Life Journey Work to children and adolescents who are fostered, adopted or living with relatives. The model was developed by The Behaviour Clinic from their experience of delivering Therapeutic Life Story Work and recognising there was a need for a comprehensive model of Life Journey Work that could be delivered by social workers and other professionals working with children.
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We offer a range of therapy programmes to support emotional and behavioural challenges. We deliver stand-alone programmes such as parent–child attachment play and life story therapy. These programmes can also be delivered as part of a comprehensive emotional and behavioural programme. Our therapy programmes are attachment based and consider the latest attachment research.
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Childhood Assessment

The Behaviour Clinic undertakes several types of emotional and behavioural assessment to support planning for children in foster care and adoptive placements. These assessments include: attachment assessments; sibling attachment assessments; complex behaviour assessments; contact assessments; and assessments to assist placement transition. We specialise in the assessment of children in foster care, adoptive and relative carer families.
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Parent/Carer Training and Workshops

Our Parent/Carer workshops are based on a foundation of child psychology principles. They are designed to guide parents and carers to create a home environment that can support their child and manage childhood challenges. We have workshops to support parents with sleep, anxiety, attachment and general childhood difficulties. We also deliver the Incredible Years Parenting Programme.
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The Behaviour Clinic

The Behaviour Clinic is an assessment and therapy clinic for children experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges. Based on the principles of child psychology and behaviour analysis, the clinic provides comprehensive support for parents/carers and children. The Behaviour Clinic specialises in complex behaviour challenges such as aggression, tantrums, sleep challenges, attachment, anxiety, inappropriate behaviours and self-harm.

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