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Rachel Rees, BCBA

Rachel is The Behaviour Clinic's expert in pre-school life skills, toileting challenges and supporting children who have experienced complex trauma overcome emotional and behavioural challenges.

Rachel is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with over ten years experience working in the field. She has spoken internationally at conferences on supporting children who have experienced trauma with friendship skills, functional communication, tolerance and following instruction (pre-school life skills). She is also the creator of the Potty Princess Courses on overcoming behavioural related toileting challenges.

Rachel is the Clinic Manager of The Behaviour Clinic Swansea and runs a busy therapy team.


  • Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, MSc
  • Psychology, BSC
  • PgCert Supervised Practice in Behaviour Analysis

Post Qualifying

  • Practitioner in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (PCPT) BPS Accredited
  • Therapeutic Life Story Work

Professional Registration

  • Behaviour Analyst Certification Board
  • UK Society for Behaviour Analysts

Publications & Presentations


Research Papers

Conference Presentations

Guest Lecturing

  • Child Development BSc, University of South Wales, 2024
  • Trauma Informed Care, Behaviour Analysis MSc, University of South Wales, 2023

How Can Rachel Help?

Rachel has extensive experience in supporting teachers, parents, foster carers, and other professionals to implement trauma informed care to support children who have a history of adverse childhood experiences recover from trauma. Her work includes using the Trauma Recovery Framework to reduce behavioural challenges and increase psychological wellbeing.  

Rachel's areas of expertise are working with complex behaviours, pre-school life skills and behavioural toileting challenges. Her team at The Behaviour Clinic support parents and children with Trauma Informed Care assessments and therapy. 

An important aspect of Rachel’s work is to apply the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to design effective function based interventions that really support families.

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Rachel Can Help With:

  • ​Trauma Assessments: Therapeutic needs assessments of children who have experienced trauma
  • Pre-school Life Skills: Helping young people who have underdeveloped friendship, communication, tolerance and instruction following skills.
  • Toileting Challenges: Assessing and supporting young people with behavioural related toileting challenges.
  • Complex Behaviour Assessments: Assessing and supporting young people who are displaying a range of complex behavioural challenges.
  • Trauma Informed Interventions: Providing function based trauma informed interventions using the Trauma Recovery Framework.
  • C​onference Presentations: On the specialist areas listed above.

Parent, Child & Practitioner Feedback

"My son who is four was having accidents in the day this was very draining as I was continuously washing clothes and there were many times he was sent home from school. Rachel helped us over a three-week period and with her help I was able to teach him to use the toilet. He is now dry every day!"

"Rachel provided very useful and practical advice I can implement with all of my foster children and any new children I care for."

Find Out More About Rachel's Toileting Support on The Potty Princess Site

She is the person to turn to if your child is experiencing toilet challenges! 

Rachel has supported hundreds of parents in Potty Training their children with her easy-to-follow steps and strategies.

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