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Kim Matthews

Kim is The Behaviour Clinic's expert in Life Story Work and Therapeutic Placement Transitions. She supports work with children with complex emotional and attachment needs. 

Kim is a qualified Life Story Therapist and Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years experience in the social care field. She is active in the Life Story Work field guiding the way with innovative practice which includes her work on developing a model of varied approaches to Life Story Work. Kim has a wealth of experience of supporting fostered and adopted children to understand and process trauma histories and successfully transition to permanent placements.

Kim leads the Life Story Team and all Therapeutic Life Story Work at The Behaviour Clinic. 


  • ​Social Work, BSc
  • ​Therapeutic Life Story Work, University Diploma

Post Qualifying

  • Practitioner in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (PCPT) BPS Accredited​
  • Parent Child Attachment Play Certified

Professional Registration

  • Social Care Wales 
  • British Association of Social Workers

Publications & Presentations


How Can Kim Help?

Kim has extensive experience in providing Life Story Work to children and young people who are care experienced. She also support parents, carers and practitioners to deliver Life Story Work in practice. Her work includes supporting her team of therapists to deliver therapeutic work and supporting organisations and individuals to develop Life Story Practices.

Kim and her team can provide therapeutic life story work and training in life story work for practitioners, carers and adoptive parents. Kim is also an expert in therapeutic placement transitions and can support with transition planning in complex situations. 

Life Story Work

Kim has extensive experience in providing Therapeutic Life Story Work to children and families. 

Kim provides a number of training programmes supporting Social Care Practitioners, carers and other professionals to become more confident with Life Story Work.

Kim also undertakes assessments for Court in relation to therapeutic needs, attachment and life story needs.

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Kim Can Help With:

  • Therapeutic ​Life Story Work: Therapeutic life story work for complex cases.
  • ​Therapeutic Placement Transitions: Therapeutic support for complex placement transitions in foster care, adoption and rehab home.
  • ​Life Story Work Training: Certified training in Life Story Direct Work and Life Story Coaching.
  • Life Story Work Supervision: Practitioners who have completed Level 1 training can progress to Level 2 with supervision.
  • ​Court Assessment: Court assessment in therapeutic needs, sibling attachment, placement planning and life story needs. 
  • ​Conference Presentations: On the specialist areas listed above.

Parent, Child & Practitioner Feedback

"The Life Story Training and supervision have been amazing. It has built my confidence to talk to young people about their histories"
Emma, Bridgend 

"My child now understands why he is adopted. Kim has helped us develop our relationship through our understanding of his history"

"I would recommend Kim and Laura's Life Story training to all. It is more thorough and detailed than any training I have been on"

"I really took a lot from the session today. Really insightful and helped me reflect on my current practice. Thank you so much", Kat

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