Tiered Support

The Behaviour Clinic operates a tiered support system to support children, parents and carers experiencing mild to severe emotional and behavioural challenges.

Tiered Support

Tier 1
Includes preventative strategies and parent/carer guidance and advice. Included at this level are parent/carer workshops and one-off consultations. This level of support offers a low-cost option whereby parents/carers receive high-quality guidance to resolve specific problems and can build their confidence in effectively dealing with childhood challenges. Services in Tier 1 can be utilised for children with low-level challenges to support parents/carers to resolve problems and prevent deterioration of emotional and behavioural well-being. If services in Tier 1 are ineffective, Tier 2 or Tier 3 are recommended. Tier 2 includes intensive training programmes for parents and focused therapy and assessments. This level of support provides evidence-based therapy and support for parents/carers.

Tier 2
Support includes attachment-focused therapy; Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP) and preparation for adoption; emotional therapy; Developing Emotional Understanding (DEU) Therapy, and play therapy. Brief emotional and behavioural assessments develop individual, problem-specific, therapy programmes unique to the child. These therapies can be employed as stand-alone therapies in order to decrease emotional and behavioural challenges. The Incredible Years Parenting Programme is a Tier 2 training programme because it provides intensive guidance to parents and carers. Tier 2 support is suitable unless a child has several complex emotional and behavioural problems when Tier 3 is recommended.

Tier 3
Includes complex emotional and behavioural support for children with several challenges. This level of support includes therapy and consultations for the parents/carers, and a comprehensive assessment to first gain a thorough understanding of the child’s needs. A support and therapy programme is designed for the child based on these needs. Goals are set to decrease emotional and behavioural challenges, and progress towards reaching these goals is regularly monitored. Tier 3 support is suitable for children with complex challenges, for example, children with significant attachment difficulties, children displaying aggression, children displaying sexualised behaviour and children who are self-harming. When a child requires this level of support, parents/carers will be required to work with therapists in order to reduce challenges within the home. Tier 4 is the highest level of support for children with high-level challenges resistant to change at lower levels.

Tier 4
Includes in-home guided support, for example, a therapist being present in the home when challenges occur in order to guide parents/carers through managing these challenges.