One of the greatest challenges some parents face is getting their children to sleep; alone, in their own beds, and through the night. 

Parents battle with children who resist bedtime, cry and shout from the bedroom, leave their bed, and end up sleeping with their parents. Children and parents get too little sleep and fatigue affects mood, health, and functioning.

Children can have bedtime difficulties for many different reasons but the majority of these difficulties can be resolved with targeted support.


Therapy Options

If your child is experiencing bedtime challenges contact us to discuss therapy options.

Brief Emotional and Behavioural Support Packages – For children displaying high-level bedtime challenges this therapy will assess why sleep problems occur and design a therapeutic intervention tailored to your child.

Get a Good Night Sleep Workshop – A workshop for parents and carers which explores the current sleep difficulties and why these may occur and introduces evidence-based techniques to reduce bedtime difficulties.


Research and Articles

Behavioural Treatment of Bedtime Problems and Night Wakings in Infants and Young Children

This paper reviews the evidence regarding the efficacy of behavioural treatments for bedtime problems and night wakings in young children. It is based on a review of 52 treatment studies by a task force appointed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to develop practice parameters on behavioural treatments for the clinical management of bedtime problems and night wakings in young children. The findings indicate that behavioural therapies produce reliable and durable changes. Across all studies, 94% report that behavioural interventions were efficacious, with over 80% of children treated demonstrating clinically significant improvement.