Developing Emotional Understanding

Developing Emotional Understanding (DEU) Therapy has been developed at The Behaviour Clinic. DEU Therapy is designed to help children understand their own — and others’ — emotions, and is for children aged 6–17 years.

This is a direct work- and play-based approach whereby children will be encouraged to explore five key emotions: happy, sad, worried, angry and scared. Using psychodynamic techniques, children build their understanding of each emotion and how these emotions are expressed by themselves and others. Where the child has difficulty managing their emotions and may present as challenging or withdrawn, they will be encouraged to identify new, more appropriate, methods of expressing themselves.

In the final stages of the therapy, parents/carers are invited to join the child in the session to develop their understanding of the child’s emotional experiences. By including parents/carers in sessions, they gain a more in-depth understanding of how to support their child’s emotional regulation and development.

The programme uses behaviour skills training, which is an evidence-based practice that shows that new skills are most effectively learnt when there is an opportunity to model skilled individuals, practise techniques, and receive feedback.  

The child’s emotional understanding is measured at the beginning and end of the therapy to monitor progress.

This programme is suited to children who are displaying deficits in their emotional understanding and children who may have missed out on crucial emotional guidance and experiences.

DEU Therapy can be delivered to individuals or sibling groups of up to two children together. It can be delivered in the home, at school or at our clinic.