Childhood Assessment

Childhood assessments to assess complex emotional and behavioural challenges to inform treatment and care planning.

The Behaviour Clinic offers a range of assessments to meet your individual needs. Each assessment package includes a comprehensive written report and an action plan of recommendations about how to help the child concerned. We regularly complete assessments for family court proceedings and our assessments can be tailored to meet court requirements.


Parent-Child Attachment Assessment; to assess the parent-child relationship and the impact of any past care or trauma.

Sibling Attachment Assessment; to assess the relationship between the siblings and the impact of any plan to separate siblings. Recommendations can be made regarding placement options and support needed to develop sibling bonds.

Individualised Attachment Assessment; to assess the child’s attachment style, their emotional and environmental needs, and any therapeutic needs.

Behavioural Assessment; a comprehensive assessment of challenging/problematic behaviour to assess why the behaviour is occurring and effective methods to decrease/eradicate these behaviours. These assessments can be used to inform fact finding regarding why a behaviour has developed; for example, when a child is displaying sexualised or harmful behaviour to themselves or others.

Therapeutic Needs Assessment; to assess a child's therapeutic needs in light of trauma, neglect or family instability.

Contact Assessment; in cases where there are questions over family contact arrangements or a child is refusing contact with a family member. We can provide an assessment that includes direct work with the child considering their internal working model to inform decisions.

Assessments can include therapy sessions as part of the assessment progress to inform professionals about the child’s internal working model.