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Barney Huxtable, BACB

Barney is The Behaviour Clinic’s expert in supporting children in residential care. Barney specialises in working with children who display complex emotional and behavioural challenges and reside in residential provisions.

Barney is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with over ten years experience working in the field. He has spoken internationally at conferences on incorporating trauma informed care into research and practice. Barney supports children with the most challenging behaviours such as, self-harm, transitions from secure units, suicidal ideation, sexualised behaviours and more.

Barney is the Manager of The Behaviour Clinic’s residential team and supports over 20 residential homes in South Wales, Mid Wales and South West England to provide Trauma Informed Care.


  • UKBA (Cert)
  • ​Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BACB)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Behaviour Analysis Supervised Practice
  • MSc Behaviour Analysis and Therapy
  • BA Hons Educational Studies and Early years

Post Qualifying

  • Practitioner in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (PCPT) BPS Accredited
  • ​Therapeutic Life Story Work
  • Clinical Supervision Level 3 - BPS

Professional Registration

  • Behaviour Analyst Certification Board
  • UK Society for Behaviour Analysts

Publications & Presentations

Research Papers

Conference Presentations


  • Trauma Informed Care, Behaviour Analysis MSc, University of South Wales, 2023
  • ​Child Development BSc, University of South Wales, 2023

How Can Barney Help?

Barney is a dedicated and accomplished expert in behavioural science with extensive experience in children's residential care and the management of complex behaviour. He has a proven track record of implementing evidence-based strategies to improve the well-being and development of at-risk children and adolescents. Barney and his team conduct comprehensive assessments, designing tailored intervention plans, and provide trauma informed care training in residential care settings.

Barney is an experienced practitioner in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Behaviour Therapy with adolescents.

If your team would like to deliver trauma informed residential care for children speak to Barney and his team. They currently support providers across Wales and England to integrate trauma informed care and therapy into practice.

Living and breathing trauma informed childrens residential care to create healing environments for young people.

Contact Barney for Support

Barney Can Help With:

  • ​Trauma Assessment: Therapeutic needs assessment of children who have experienced trauma
  • Residential Home: Residential home assessment and support to create trauma informed and therapeutic environments.
  • ​Complex Behaviour Management: Support with complex behaviours such as self-harm, suicidal ideation, sexualised behaviours and more.
  • ​Therapeutic Intervention: Planning and delivery of therapeutic intervention for behavioural, emotional or mental health challenges.
  • ​Crisis Intervention and De-escalation: Support with young people with the most complex needs including transitions from secure units.
  • ​Program Development and Enhancement: Development and enhancement of trauma informed childrens residential care for local authority, charity and private providers.
  • ​Staff Training and Development: In trauma informed care and complex emotional and behavioural challenges.
  • Conference Presentations: On the specialist areas listed above.

Parent, Child & Practitioner Feedback

“Best training we have done yet! We really enjoyed this training and the presenters really helped us to apply the training to our individual to our homes. We've come away from the training feeling really motivated to begin implementing a lot of the trauma informed strategies into our homes” Stepping Stones Residential Care

“We are really grateful for all of your support, the staff have reported they all feel really supported with managing challenges and also feel emotionally supported by you. Your feedback has been really thorough and has helped to formulate consistent responses from staff and is showing to have a real positive impact” - Merthyr Tydfil Local Authority

“We have seen a real difference in staff’s culture and motivation since your support has begun. Consistency has really improved across the board and positivity has really increase within our home which is helping to create real positive change for the children” - Carbrey Group

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