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Cognitive Behavioural Therapist-  Employed- South Wales

The role of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist includes providing therapy to children and adolescents (aged 8 and over) to support them to resolve their individual challenges. Our service works with children who have often experienced significant early life trauma and are experiencing challenges resulting from this trauma. The therapist appointed to this post will need to be experienced in using CBT to support individuals with challenges such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, low self-esteem, limited problem-solving skills, eating disorders and lost identity.

The person appointed to this post will need to be skilled to explain and disseminate CBT using a jargon free approach to carers and professionals. The person appointed to the post will work closely on behavioural therapy strategies with board Certified Behaviour Analysts.


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Research & Training Behaviour Analyst - Employed - South Wales

We would like to recruit a Research and Training Behaviour Analyst to take the lead on undertaking applied research at The Behaviour Clinic and coordinate the delivery of our established training programmes. The research element of the role will involve working with The Behaviour Clinic team and our partners to design and implement research projects that create an evidence base for trauma informed care. The role will include undertaking literature reviews, sourcing or designing assessment measures, designing and writing up research projects, liaising with team members, undertaking treatment integrity checks, monitoring and reviewing outcome measures and supporting the implementation of evidence-based practice across our clinics and services. Successful candidates will need to have a good and wide-ranging working knowledge of applied research and excellent writing skills. The training element of the role will include co-ordinating The Behaviour Clinic’s external training programmes, presenting training and research to internal staff and external partners, and supporting recruitment onto external training courses. The role will include the delivery of CEUs and recording video presentations. The successful candidate will need to have confidence in their presentation skills and be able to work independently to create presentations. They will also need excellent computer skills as training is currently delivered through online platforms. They will need to be able to work with the experienced trainers at The Behaviour Clinic to co-ordinate the programmes currently delivered and design new programmes. The person appointed to this post will need to be able to explain and disseminate behaviour analysis using a jargon free approach to parents, carers and professionals who may not have heard of behaviour analysis previously. The individual appointed is required to be a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Travel to undertake research and training within the South Wales area will be required.

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