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Behaviour Analyst-Employed- South Wales- Applicant deadline July 2nd 2021

The role of a Behaviour Analyst includes providing therapy to patients including cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, completing assessments of children with complex emotional and behavioural needs, undertaking consultations with parents and schools, delivering training workshops, creating behaviour support plans, and working with other therapists to meet patient’s needs.  

The person appointed to this post will need to be skilled to explain and disseminate behaviour analysis using a jargon free approach to carers and professionals who may not have heard of behaviour analysis previously.

The individual appointed is required to be board certified or be completing supervised practice hours. Training is provided in individual therapies.

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Behavioural Therapist - Employed - South Wales - Applicant Deadline July 2nd 2021

Behaviour Therapists undertake therapy assessments and deliver core therapy services such as developing emotional understanding, therapeutic life story work and skill-based therapy.  Additional training will be available to develop the skills of therapists in this area to ensure we are equipped to provide all needed services.

The post will involve providing therapy sessions to children at our clinic, in their homes, and in school. The therapist appointed will need to be skilled in designing and providing therapy sessions for children and be able to work independently.  They will be willing to learn new therapy techniques and expand their knowledge of practice with continued professional development.

The role of Behaviour Therapist is ideal for candidates who hold an MSc in Behaviour Analysis and Therapy and wish to gain experience and progress to a Behaviour Analysis role.


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