Positive Emotional & Behavioural Support Workshops

Positive Emotional and Behavioural Support is a carer training programme for those parenting children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. 


Designed for carers of children in foster, adoptive, and residential placements the programme incorporates attachment theory and the principles of behaviour analysis. The focus is on creating an environment to promote long term behaviour change and emotional wellbeing using evidence-based strategies.

The six-part programme supports delegates to understand why children who have experienced adverse early life experiences can continue to experience challenges when in a nurturing environment.

There are four different models of this programme focused towards different delegate groups:

  • Adoptive and Foster Parents

  • Professionals Supporting Children

  • Schools

  • Residential Units

Attendees are asked to bring with them examples of real-life challenges. Challenges are discussed, and goals created. Each session will build on the carers understanding of why these challenges occur and how to decrease them using a systematic foundation up approach. Carers will leave each session with strategies to implement. By the end of the six sessions an understanding of how to create a positive environment that decreases challenges and improve emotional wellbeing is achieved.

The science behind why emotional and behavioural challenges are maintained or increase when a child moves to a nurturing environment is explained so carers can apply this knowledge to problem solve any new challenges that occur. 

This course is CPD certified. Delegates who attend all training days will achieve certification in Level 1 PEBS and 18 CPD points.


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PEBS Structure

Foundations – Design for Success

Attendees will learn how to analyse emotional and behavioural challenges with a critical eye. Goals will be set based on real life challenges and achievable expectations. Learn how to design for success by examining the home environment, creating a foundation of positive parenting and use strategies to help the child feel safe and secure. Workshop 1 forms the foundation on which subsequent workshops are built.

Core Principles – Why we do what we do

Explores the evidence-based principles of emotional and behavioural development. By understanding these principles attendees learn why emotional and behavioural escalation occurs. Attendees will apply these principles to the children they are caring for, examining strategies they are currently using, and learning why they do/don’t work.


Explains attachment, why attachment difficulties occur, what these difficulties mean for the child’s future, and how you can support children to develop a more secure attachment. Myths about attachment security are discussed. The presentation of attachment insecurity in safety seeking emotional and behavioural outbursts are explained. Step-by-step strategies for developing attachment are provided.

Teaching Emotional & Behavioural Success

Learn about the skill deficits that nearly all children with emotional and behavioural difficulties have. Understand why identifying these deficits can help you support the children you are caring for by teaching them to succeed. Learn step by step strategies for building skills and developing emotions. Learn about preventative strategies.

Managing Difficult Situations & Reparative Care

Learn strategies for managing the most challenging situations such as children who hit, are destructive, controlling, and escalate quickly. Look, at the emotions behind these responses such as anxiety, low self-worth, and anger. Learn how to systematically decrease a child’s anxiety and need to control. Identify when challenges can be managed and when additional emotional and behavioural support may be needed.